Cold Brew Concentrate

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Cold Brew concentrated coffee extract used for brewing hot coffee or cold.

Cold Brew Concentrated Coffee Extract


One of the seven methods of brewing coffee that the French Press employs is cold brew. The process uses ice cold water instead of hot, minimizing the acidity and bitterness of the coffee brought out by hot water. You might ask, how does cold water brew coffee? The answer is slowly in small increments through a slow drip process. Using state of the art machines, the iced water is dripped through the coffee grounds for twenty four hours while the liquid percolates through the coffee, and the end result is a powerfully flavored and caffeinated, triple strength cold brew. The time factor replaces the heating element in the brewing process and produces a strong, flavorful and clean low acid coffee extract. This liquid concentrate can be mixed with hot water to create standard brewed coffee, or with milk and sugar for a refreshing iced coffee. Eight ounces will yield 24-30 oz of hot coffee or 50-60 oz of iced coffee.

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