The Story

The French Press Coffee Roasters is an independent artisan coffee company located in Lakewood,NJ.

With the ability to find great delicious coffee non existent in our part of the planet, we sought  to resolve this problem by sourcing our coffees raw from around the world, roasting and then brewing them fresh. Micro-lots, estate coffees, and limited lots purchased directly from the farmers are our specialty.  Maintaining the integrity of the coffee, we roast and brew our beans as single origins ( except for our espresso blend ) . 

Coffee lovers, aficionados, truck drivers, even the uninitiated instant coffee drinker can rejoice in knowing that every coffee we present will be fresh and of the highest quality. 


The  start of this venture (with the hopes it will be something big) did not happen on its own. Rather with the hard work and dedication of many people who have been committed to the vision and direction of its founding. Great coffee presented fresh and unadulterated. With that special mention goes out to:

Julie Betesh - my wife who stands with me side by side dishing out the very best we can brew

Stephen Betesh- CEO

Camillo Yubank- coffee sourcing and quality control

Jim Argento- Marketing Director

Gordo- building and development

I.M. Greenwald- Consultant

Moshe Oiknine- Photography

Nathan, Meir, Aron, Eddie, and Beni - Baristas